Ferne McCann doesn’t use sun beds after cancer scare

Ferne McCann only uses fake tan following her cancer scare in 2016.


Ferne McCann doesn’t use sun beds anymore following her cancer scare.

The 26-year-old presenter was terrified she was battling with melanoma when two moles on her face began to change shape and colour earlier this year and, after getting the all-clear from doctors, she’s decided the only way she’ll get her bronzed glow from now on is by using the impressive products in her Ferne Beauty faux tan range.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, she said: “I did use sun beds. I have always worn fake tan but sun beds are very ageing, they can cause cancer. And I just think fake tan is the safer option. I had two moles on my face, one that I got removed and one in the bridge of my nose and they were raised and they were looking unusual. So just to be safe, we got one removed to see if it was melanoma and it was fine. The thing with sun beds, if you’ve got a mole that’s directly hitting the sunlight, you have to be careful.”

The former ‘The Only Way is Essex’ beauty decided to launch her range, which includes four shades Natural Glow, Deep Glow, Express Tan and Gradual Tan, because she wanted a skin-tinting line that smelt “amazing” and gives off a “gorgeous” glow.

She explained: “All girls love to feel tanned. It makes you feel more confident and it definitely makes me feel just good about myself. It doesn’t smell of biscuits and that was one of the biggest things for me, I wanted a tan that smells gorgeous and it really does. It’s got that summer smell to it. I feel like it lasts for ages. I had it on for two weeks. In the range there’s something for everyone. It’s has got a very faint base coat – not clear – which I think it’s better because you can see where you apply. It’s super easy to use. My top tip is to really buff it in in circular motion.”

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