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Our feeds are available in various languages, including English, Spanish, German, Brazilian, Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese, Kenyan, Mexican, Nigerian, Polish, South African, Swizz and Thai.

BANG delivers the latest news depending on the requirements of our customers:

  • Via newsroom-login: you gain access to our newsroom with a personal login where you can extract and download the relevant articles for your business
  • Via email-service: We deliver your individual newspackage including a high definition picture per story in text form via email.
  • Via XML-Newsfeed: All entertaining stories and videos are published on your homepage or website directly via news-feed. You choose a design suiting your corporate identity


Our service includes, but is not limited to:

  • 30 stories per day Monday to Friday and up to 10 stories at the weekends
  • each article goes along with a high definition picture pointing out a the content of the story
  • 2 videos per day with any voice-over you may require
  • breaking news are delivered immediately

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BANG provides you with stories of the following categories:

BANG Showbiz

BANG Showbiz is the world’s premier entertainment news agency providing the most exciting celebrity news to online, print and broadcast media outlets across the globe. From thrilling baby news, shattering affairs and shocking developments – BANG Showbiz has an eye for the best stories around the globe.

BANG Music

BANG Music brings you all the latest news about the biggest acts and exciting newcomers. Featuring exclusive news, gossip and interviews from all the biggest festivals, awards ceremonies and concerts, as well as tour announcements, album details and inside information on what’s happening in the music world right now.

BANG Movies

BANG Movies will provide you with all the top-up-the-minute Hollywood industry news, casting announcements, film gossip, on-set-rumours and red carpet interviews. Our team of journalists attend every major film premiere and awards show so you don’t have to. From Tom Cruise signing up to a new movie to Christian bales latest on set meltdown, BANG Movies takes you as close to Hollywood as you can get.


BANG TV has all your news for British television and soap news covered, including upcoming storylines, new shows, gossip and exclusive interviews. So if you want to know, who will be walking down Weatherfield’s famous cobbles, who is heading to the jungle or who is joining The Doctor in the TARDIS you need BANG.

BANG Fashion

Whether it’s Kate Moss looking smokin’ hot on the runway, or Gisele Bundchen’s fitness secrets: BANG Fashion & Beauty has got it covered. To keep pace with all the latest styles and to see which celebrity believes they can be the next Coco Chanel with their fashion line you need to keep BANG on trend with our news.

BANG Royal

If you want to know what Kate Middleton has picked for her wedding to Prince William, or what Princess Mary’s twins are up to – BANG’s got it. We cover the goings-on of every major royal family, whether it’s inside or outside their plush palaces.

BANG Bizarre

A daily round up of all that is quirky, funny and downright weird from across the world, BANG Bizarre lightens the mood with our stories about idiotic criminals, sexual accidents, unusual animal exploits and much, much more. We’ve got stories leaving your readers dropping their jaws!

    • David & Victoria Beckham
    • Amanda Seyfried with her dog Finn
    • Shia LaBeouf and Mia Goth
    • Taylor Swift
    • Karlie Kloss
    • Angelina Jolie
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