Jorgie Porter up for a return to Hollyoaks

Jorgie Porter up for a return to Hollyoaks.


Jorgie Porter would consider a return to ‘Hollyoaks’.

The 28-year-old actress walked away from the Channel 4 soap earlier this year following eight years portraying Theresa McQueen but has admitted she’d be open to reprising the role in the distant future – but as a grandma.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, she said: “I’d never say never because I absolutely love the place. Maybe like nana McQueen one day, 80 years old. Maybe even a reunion in 10 years with husbands and 20 kids.”

The blonde beauty decided to leave the soap in 2015 – although her character’s departure wasn’t aired until 2016 – because she felt she’d done all she could on the show.

She explained: “I had been there was eight years and I just thought I don’t know what more to sort of do there really. I just thought, ‘I would love a little break from working 24/7.’ It was intense, for eight years. I thought I needed a time out to be a bit more normal. Family and friends sort of thing.”

However, Jorgie has admitted she really misses being on set with her co-stars because they’d become her family.

She said: “I do miss it because I miss being on set 24/7 with loads of people I love. I love the crew and having a little family, sort of having to do stuff, and drama. The comedy aspect and the high intense drama.

“I’ve done quite a lot of stunts as well, I’ve been quite lucky. Yeah I do miss it but I just think you’ve got to remember that everything comes to an end and things move on.”

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