Beyonce ripped her dress just minutes before she was due to leave for ‘The Lion King’ European Premiere in London last week.
The ‘Formation’ hitmaker – who voices Nala in Disney’s photo realistic animated remake of the 1994 classic – raised eyebrows when she arrived at the film event in Leicester Square after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.
But, it’s believed her late arrival wasn’t intentional as she accidentally tore a hole in her designer frock just as she was about to leave and her staff had to repair it.
According to The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column, the 37-year-old pop star started getting ready at around 2pm – hours before she was due to arrive on the red carpet – in her suite at the Corinthia Hotel in the capital.
But just as she was about to put her golden gown on, her staff realised the malfunction and rushed to find the matching thread to repair the gaping hole.
Meanwhile, Billy Eichner – who voices Timon in ‘The Lion King’ – has admitted he and his co-stars were all starstruck when it came to meeting the royals.
He said: “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle came, and Beyonce was there, and Sir Elton John was there. And I was there, randomly. And it was great, and we were all kind of nervous, even Beyonce.”
When chat show host Jimmy Kimmel joked that the British royals “should be bowing” to Beyonce, Billy revealed the stars had “very intense” instructions.
He quipped: “That’s true, actually. She’s our American royalty. But what makes you nervous is in the days leading up to it, they email you a protocol of how you’re supposed to greet Prince Harry and they’re very intense about it.
“I’m not kidding. You’re supposed to say, ‘Your Royal Highness.’ You can’t speak until your hands are in a handshake with his.
“My plus one, my guest I brought with me, my very good friend Jared, they said he had to stand behind me and not speak unless he was spoken to – I’m not kidding. I was like, ‘Does that same rule apply to Jay-Z?’ I have a feeling it doesn’t.”

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