Chace Crawford

Chace Crawford is “open” to a ‘Gossip Girl’ reunion.
The 33-year-old actor shot to fame playing Nate Archibald in the drama series and though he thinks it’s unlikely the show would be revived, he’d still be up for the idea.
Asked if there will be a ‘Gossip Girl’reunion, he said: “I doubt it but if it was done the right way, I’d be open to it.”
Although it’s been almost seven years since the show came to an end, the actor is still in touch with his former co-stars.
He told Britain’s OK! magazine: “I made some of my best friends in the world and we do keep in touch, as much as we can when we’re all in different places.
“I see Ed (Westwick) when I’m in London and I text Blake (Lively). She’s the best. She’s so charismatic, beautiful and strong
“I’ve met [her husband] Ryan (Reynolds) too – he’s such a great guy.
“They have so many kids!”
While Chase still treasures his time on the show, it can be frustrating that people still think of him as Nate.
He said: “I find it quite sweet when fans come up to me and I have a lot of gratitude, but as an actor I want to break free of just being Nate.
“That’s part of the reason I did (new series) ‘The Boys’.”
Earlier this year, Mark Pedowitz, president of The CW, teased there could be a ‘Gossip Girl’ reunion one day.
He said: “There’s been discussions, but I don’t know if we’re there yet. I don’t know what it would be. A lot is up to Warner Bros. and Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage [the original executive producers], ’cause you don’t want do anything without them.”

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