Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe says the worst thing about living abroad is not being able to get a proper full English breakfast.
The ‘Harry Potter’ star is enjoying his career and the opportunities it gives him, but he admitted when he’s in the US he misses the traditional morning meal.
He said: “I’m sorry, I’m just sounding like a stereotypical, complaining Englishman abroad now, but it is very hard to get a good English breakfast anywhere but England. Baked beans are an entirely different thing in America.”
Although the 29-year-old actor doesn’t get to enjoy a full English – which usually includes a combination of bacon, fried egg, sausage, mushrooms, baked beans, toast and grilled tomatoes – in the US, he enjoys his time there and stopped feeling “like a foreigner” years ago.
Speaking in 2014, Daniel – who now splits his time between London and Manhattan – said: “I’ve got friends here now — from doing shows, and filming as well.
“It’s an amazing feeling to touch down in another country and not feel like a foreigner.”
And the star – who has performed on Broadway in five productions to date, including last year’s run of ‘The Lifespan of a Fact’ – admitted he also likes that there isn’t as much of a drinking culture in the US, which suits him having quit alcohol in 2011.
He added: “I still go to bars. I’ll just meet friends there. There’s a place I love where you can play table tennis. That’s another lovely thing about New York — you can go out without drinking. In England, when you meet up with somebody, it’s usually for a drink. Here you can just have coffee, and it’s not weird.”

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