Dionne Warwick

Dionne Warwick will keep working until the “joy goes out”.
The ‘That’s What Friends Are For’ hitmaker insists she will continue with her career, especially the performances as that is her favourite part.
She said: “I’ll keep working until the joy goes out of what I do. Where do I get the energy? I don’t know, I don’t think about it. I just do it. I love getting up on stage every night. The performance part is what I enjoy.”
And the 78-year-old singer thinks people need her music even more now as she slammed social media for “getting out of hand”.
She added: “It is time for that song to ­resonate again, it really is. We’ve got to get back to being human beings. We need to love and look after each other instead of what’s currently going on in the world, which is chaotic. It needs to be changed. The only way we can get to that is to let people know love’s the answer. Nobody talks to each other any longer. Social media has got out of hand. People are saying and doing anything they want to over that medium. It’s taken all the personality of people away. I’ll be in airports and I see a group of kids looking down at their phone texting each other, instead of talking when they’re stood next to each other – it’s crazy.”
Dionne feels her music can grow with the generations.
She told Sunday Mirror newspaper: “My music has the ability to grow with people over the years. I’m saying things to people that they want to say to a person or that they can’t say themselves. They have a beautiful melody.”

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