Iggy Azalea doesn’t care if only 42 people by her new album

Iggy Azalea “doesn’t give a f**k” if just 42 people buy her new album.
The Australian rapper is preparing to drop her second record ‘In My Defense’ – her first LP since her debut ‘The New Classic’ back in 2014 – on Friday (19.07.19), and she insisted she doesn’t intend to stop there with more new material on the horizon as she revealed plans for another release in 2020.
Asked by a fan if she’s excited for the album to be out in the world, she replied on Twitter: “Yes & I just want to say now, I don’t give a f**k if only 42 ppl buy it.
“All 42 of y’all getting another album next year. I’m not stoppingggg (sic)”
The artwork for the LP features the ‘Saviour’ hitmaker soaked in blood on the side of her car while wearing a glistening silver dress, whilst there is also blood splattered on the side of the car and a red light illuminating the scene.
Posting the picture of the artwork on Instagram, Iggy wrote: “In My Defense: July 19th Pre Order: June 28th (sic)”
Iggy spoke about the artwork’s inspiration on Twitter, where she said it was a “statement” about women in the public eye finding it hard to “defend themselves”.
In a series of tweets explaining the artwork, Iggy wrote: “It’s a statement about women not having the ability to defend themselves under public gaze, not rebirth.
“I guess I don’t feel women are really given a fair chance to be “heard out” so how could anyone survive that amount of judgement.
“I wore a “going out” dress and clutch because I wanted it to feel like I had been out somewhere and was clearly unprepared for a fight (sic)”


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