Lil Wayne compares Tyga to Flo Rida

Lil Wayne has compared Tyga to Flo Rida.
The 36-year-old rapper is a big fan of both musicians and he loves that they both work hard to ensure every song on their albums can be a hit single.
Speaking to Billboard, Wayne explained: “I look at certain things. It ain’t about the music. I look at certain things and how he approached things. So the way that he approached the song was every song was supposed to be a single. Like every song is supposed to be a hit. I don’t wanna compare, but he reminds me of Flo Rida. Every damn song Flo Rida put out, we may have not heard of it and you may not hear it, but I bet you somebody overseas done heard it. I bet you it’s the No. 1 song on somebody’s charts. That’s why I like Tyga, he knows how to go in there and say, ‘No. This is song ain’t about to be No. 15 on an album.’ If somebody has 15 songs on the album, then we’re about to shoot a video for all 15.”
Lil Wayne is currently on tour with Blink 182 and he praised drummer Travis Barker’s “swag”.
He said: “Man, Travis, plain and simple, his swag is great. He knows what to do with that. Once he gets behind that drumset, boy, it ain’t about nothing else. Music is music. Once you hear that drum, he knows what he’s doing. Again, it’s his swag, he knows how to relate. He’s a cool kid, though.”
And he admitted that he is enjoying playing to a new type of audience on the tour.
He said: “I mean, there’s a huge difference in crowd energy. Those folks they’re there to have fun and that’s not to say that when we go to hip-hop shows that we’re not there to have fun – but you know, we also fly and we don’t wanna get too sweaty, and we don’t wanna look too crazy. You know, we don’t wanna lose our minds. They don’t have none of those restrictions. They wanna look too crazy, they wanna get sweaty and they wanna lose their minds.”

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