Maya Jama

Maya Jama has lashed out at trolls who call her a “gold digger”.
The 24-year-old television and radio presenter has a long list of credits to her name but revealed that she gets abuse from people over her relationship with rapper Stormzy.
Maya tweeted: “As women we are taught to be respectful quiet an humble n not brag an all this stuff. Humble is great but sometimes Il see a comment like “gold digger” an I wana scream I WILL BUY YOUR MUMS HOUSE NOW YOU LITTLE TWAT I HAVE MY OWN GOLD.
“But I’m a Ladyyyyy so il just tweet n move on, might delete later x (sic).”
Meanwhile, Maya previously revealed that if she could tell her younger self something, she would advise her to “stop caring” about other people’s opinions.
She said: “One piece of advice I would give to my younger self is to stop caring what other people think. Life is too short. ”
And she regularly takes “digital detoxes” when she’s not working.
The star confessed that when she was younger she would obsess over “tiny details” on social media but has since learned to “post whatever she likes” and will often restrict her time on her phone.
She explained: “I always just post what I like. I used to think about it more – all the tiny details that nobody would ever notice.
“But as I’ve grown up I just post whatever I like. I have a digital detox when I’m on holiday and when I’m not working. I only allow myself a few hours a day to look at my phone. ”
However, the star does try to show “every aspect” of her life on social media to give her fans an “honest” representation of herself.
She explained: “It’s only really since I was in the spotlight that you actually start to feel a little bit anxious and you start doubting yourself a little bit, and there’s a lot of pressure online to be the perfect person and if you’re not perfect like me, it can get overwhelming sometimes when you’re trying to be this.
“One thing I’ve always done is try to show every aspect of my life and try to show me when I’m glamorous and me when I’m dolled up on telly, but also me when I’m rough and not feeling my best. I like to be open so that if there are people following people me [they can see], I can look rough if I don’t have a glam team of ten and be as open and honest as possible.”

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