The Corrs to reunite for new tour

The Corrs are set to reunite for a massive tour.

Siblings Andrea, Sharon, Caroline and Jim last toured in 2016 and had a one-off gig in London in 2017 but the quartet are ready to get back on the road in Europe and the US.

A source told The Irish Sun newspaper: “Performing together is second nature for The Corrs. They love doing it and the reaction they get from crowds when they play.”

The band found huge international success with their second album, ‘Talk On Corners’, which was released in 1997 and insiders have insisted their success was down to timing.

An insider explained: “The Corrs arrival on the music scene in the late Nineties was perfect. They were embraced along with Riverdance and the blockbuster Titanic, which was seen by some as an Irish film.

“10 years earlier, it wasn’t trendy to be Irish in the UK, and if The Corrs had landed ten years later, they would have had to perform on ‘X Factor’.

“Can you imagine The Corrs performing their songs in front of four reality show judges and asking them ‘are we any good?’ It wouldn’t have happened.”

The band sold 45million records before taking time out in 2006.

Meanwhile, Sharon – who has appeared as a judge on the Irish version of rival BBC singing show ‘The Voice’ – previously blasted ‘The X Factor’ as “appalling”.

The star said: ” I think reality shows are dying out. The reason I did ‘The Voice’ was because I rated it. I felt like it was the antidote to ‘The X Factor’ which I think is appalling.

“On ‘The X Factor’ you’d almost think that these judges could put these bands together and somehow they have this amazing foresight and they know how to make people superstars. They don’t. Superstars are born. They work at it. They work at their job. They make music. They sing brilliantly. They play brilliantly. You don’t make that. You know what I mean, that is made and it involves a lot of hard work.

“Some of the artists are very young and impressionable and they are being given the wrong impression. There’s no way you’re not going to have to work your backside off in this industry.”

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